Materiales de construcción, azulejos y pavimentos, Estufas de Pellets y Chimeneas

Chimneys and Pellet´s stoves


With every new winter there comes the moment of the cozy warmth of the home with our effective, comfortable and attractive chimneys that improve the quality of life.




CHIMNEYS:Amarsa Noroeste, Peep, Joyma, Brompi, Hergom …

Our better brands Amarsa Noroeste, Chimneys Peep, Joyma, Brompi, Hergom …

Between our different chimneys we find, cassettes and fires to re-dress, chimneys and seen stoves, chimneys of bioethanol …


PELLETS’s STOVES BIOMASS: We use the renewable energies as the wood and the pellet to save without resigning the comfort.

The stoves of pellets are characterized by his high thermal performance, allowing to warm the domestic environment with all the advantages of an ecological and economic fuel.  Our stoves are easy to use and programmable, are clean, sure and with a long autonomy.

The pellets disburden of automatic form from the warehouse up to the brazier, feeding the mud. The pellet is practical and manageable of transporting and storing because it is packed in sacks. It is made only based on sawdust of wood without chemical additives, being able to be in use as a precious fertilizer for the garden.  Also it is possible to use rind of almond and bone of olive.

Also we have boilers and solar plates to have sanitary warm free water for the whole life. The equipment includes: plates of identical black copper, warehouse, support to choosing, you join of brass, valves, racords, thermal solar fluid and electrical (optional) resistance.

OVENS AND BARBECUES:  We make ovens and made-to-measure barbecues, our speciality they are the barbecues with included oven.

In our facilities it will be able to find a great variety of products of the world of the ovens and barbecues, kitchens, accessories, etc. Of the first national brands and international.

But beside having a wide offer in standardized models, we can realize any personalized offer that appears us, adapting it to the tastes and preferences of any client.

At the same time, we possess an installers’ insole qualified with an extensive experience in the sector of the chimneys.